Saturday, April 4, 2009

how to become Korean Air flight attendants

it depends on your education. Korean Air prefer students who have hospitality or service background. regardless of everything else to be korean flight attendant needs to be physically attractive... I think the requirements is to be like 170cm tall and most importantly a beautiful face...
I hope the American airline system should adopt the same qualification system... im tired of the old saggy grandmas or sometimes even males!!!

These are the estimated salaries, in Korean won
*1000 won = 1 usd

trainee = under 10 million won
rookie = 34.5 - 50 million won
after 3 years your salary can go up to 80 million won

Hope this helps. Cheers mate!


  1. Hahaha....hilarious but true. Air-hostesses do matter in the flight! The younger the better.If you have hospitality background it is all the more beneficial.

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  2. Can someone tell me how do you apply????

  3. I flew Korean Air from New York to Incheon to Kathmandu. These flight attendants are the most squared away I have ever seen. If you ask for something they had it in 30 seconds flat, Great represenatives of their company. Super nice girls !!!