Saturday, April 4, 2009

chinese Airlines flight attendant

Almost all airlines require their flight attendants to speak the language of the country from which they're departing or arriving in. China Airlines is no different, their flight attendants speak English well. I've flown China Airlines a couple of times and they do offer excellent service and pretty good food. One reason they're not one of my favorite airlines is that they don't offer personal in-flight entertainment on their 747 long haul planes, they still have the monitors hanging from the ceilings and no choice of entertainment in economy class. They also have one of the worst safety records in the airline industry, although to be fair they haven't had a fatal incident in almost seven years. They do have great prices, but if you don't mind spending more money, airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines


  1. Thanks for posting. I'm glad they can speak English too. Is China Airlines the Taiwan based airline?

  2. True! I agree to your drawbacks of Chinese airlines as I have visit many times and no change at all. But as you are saying now I will have a visit again and definitely change my views. Thank you!

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